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Circular Stairs Functionality

This function will calculate circular stair dimensions based on the inside radius, line of travel dimension and the width of the tread at the line of travel. It has stair tread width building code error checking for the inside tread width (cord of arc) of 8". The width of the tread at the line of travel is used first, to determine the width of the inside radius tread. By changing the width of the tread at the line of travel, it will also change the circular stair rotation angle. The circular stairs can have 2 to 20 plus stair treads.
Use the inside radius dimension and the calulated Dimension X and Y to layout the circular stair rotation angle.

Stair Tangent
Stair Tangent
Stair Tangent

Example calculated output from StairTangent for Circular Stairs
Circular Stairs
Number of Risers  18
Total Height of Stairs  126 1/2''in
Number of Treads  17
Riser Height  7 ''in
Stair Width  42  ''in
Line of Travel  12  ''in
Width at Line of Travel  10  ''in
Stair Rotation Angle  162.52652°
Tread Rotation Angle  9.56038°
Dimension X  45 13/16''in
Dimension Y  14 7/16''in

Free Standing Stringers  
Inside Stringer  
Radius  48  ''in
Tread Width  8  ''in
Tread Arc Length  8 ''in
Tread Diagonal  10 5/8''in
Plan View Arc Length  136 3/16''in
Stringer Length  191 13/16''in
Pitch Block Angle  41.29841°
Housing Angle  41.26545°

OutSide Stringer  
Radius  90  ''in
Tread Width  15  ''in
Tread Arc Length  15 ''in
Tread Diagonal  16 9/16''in
Plan View Arc Length  255 5/16''in
Stringer Length  298 7/16''in
Pitch Block Angle  25.10396°
Housing Angle  25.07843°

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